Beyonce CANCELS COACHELLA Performance? Selena Gomez & the Weeknd Grammys TOGETHER? (Rumor Patrol)


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Is Beycone really cancelling her Coachella performances? Will Selena Gomez & the Weeknd debut their love affair at the Grammys? Lady Gaga’s secret texts to help Kesha being exposed? Taylor Swift Back with one of her ex-boyfriends? We’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol

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5 Comentarios

  1. Why do people ship JELENA? Their relationship was toxic, Justin cheated on
    her many times, she even said so in their Instagram fight. Their are better
    celebrity couples who have a better romantic connection, and there are
    cuter celebrity couples. get over it y’all, they never will come back they
    died nearly 3 years ago. They hate each other now lmfao

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