Bella Hadid’s Dating THIS Kendall Jenner Ex?


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In the latest issue of Us Weekly, an insider claims that Bella Hadid is quoting “hooking up” with Los Angeles Laker guard, Jordan Clarkson. Yes, that Jordan Clarkson. As in dated Kendall, Hailey Baldwin, aaaand Bella Thorne?
Just last month, Jordan and Hailey were photographed heading to dinner together in New York City. The two hadn’t been spotted together since earlier in the year, when they were first rumored to be dating after being spotted together multiple times. That was already awkard, considering Jordan was linked to Kendall Jenner for the majority of 2016, including spending the 4th of July with her, and even Christmas shopping with her shortly before he started showing up in pictures with Kendall’s bestie, Hailey. Kendall and Jordan definitely seemed like they were headed somewhere serious, as she often took her sis and her friends to support Jordan at his Lakers games, while she sat courtside.
Fast forward two years, past Kendall, past Hailey and NOW he’s dating Bella Hadid? Three best friends? That’s definitely against girl code… in more ways than one. According to the source, Bella & Jordan QUOTE “have been hanging out the past few weeks.” But how could that be possible if he was just out with Hailey last month? I should probably mention that Bella was also photographed that night at the same place Hailey and Jordan were, so maybe they all hung out together and that’s how Bella and Jordan met? Don’t worry. I’m confused too.
And it’s not even the first time Bellla has been liked to Jordan. Last Spring, rumors started flying that the two were allegedly dating, but now we know that the tabloids just got their Bella’s mixed up. Because Jordan was actually out with Bella Thorne last spring, not Bella Hadid. Sooo basically, this guy likes to date? No judgement, but we should probably not get too far ahead of ourselves with these new rumors. We can’t forget the video of Jordan on TMZ proclaiming he’s a player, before getting into his car with multiple women. That was the same night he was clearly not happy after bumping into his then-recent ex, Kendall and her at-the-time rumored boo, ASAP Rocky.
I mean, we could probably keep untangingling this web for hours, let’s be real. For now, drop your thoughts about Bella Hadid and Jordan Clarkson potentially dating down in the comments, and then hit that subscribe button to keep up with all the latest from Clevver. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Newsfeed, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys soon!

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  1. Clevver makes a video of what?!

    A 2 day Relationship between Bella Hadid and some NBA player?
    Such a waste of time and pointless video


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