Ariana & Justin Bieber’s Tearful OneLoveManchester Performance – Tyga Disses Kylie (DHR)

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Best moments from Ariana’s One Love Manchester concert, and Tyga takes a dig at Kylie? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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5 respuestas a «Ariana & Justin Bieber’s Tearful OneLoveManchester Performance – Tyga Disses Kylie (DHR)»

  1. Avatar de Wtf Natalia
    Wtf Natalia

    I’m glad Kylie left tygas gay trash ass.

  2. Avatar de A Kelly
    A Kelly

    Haha I didn’t realise that you don’t say ‘cracking’ in America ? it’s a compliment

  3. Avatar de Britt T
    Britt T

    *It was a BEAUTIFUL concert! I watched the US version on ABC last night with Ryan Seacrest & was disappointed. But, this morning I watched the full 3+ hr concert… It was amazing! Wish that we could’ve also donated through our cell phones here (US), as well, not just from UK cell carriers. Instead, we were given the option of doing it through the Red Cross website, where there were a bunch of fees & no promises it would actually go towards just that.*

    *I think Pierce jumped the gun saying he was disappointed she left. Imagine how scared she was… the first thing I’d want to do is get home, too! You don’t know if they’re targeting her. It’s exactly what I think most would do. Get home to loved ones & where you feel safe. Big props to her for EVERYTHING! So much respect. Some to Pierce as well, for manning up & apologizing publicly~* So much L❤️VE to the UK right now! xoxo?
    PS. Hope you’re feeling better, Erin. You look great!!! Following your journey…???

  4. Avatar de Quinli Nason
    Quinli Nason

    her ring could be a promise ring

  5. Avatar de Frankie Cisneros
    Frankie Cisneros

    1- Pray for London ? 2- I can’t wait for season 2 3- Kylie gave Tyga a bunch of money and no one knows who he is so

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