Ariana Grande’s Ex Big Sean INSPIRED Pete Davidson’s First Tattoo


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Pete Davidson reveals his first tattoo was inspired by Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Big Sean.


Pete was recently honored as one of the stars featured in Variety’s “Power of Young Hollywood” issued, and during the interview for the mag he shared some fun facts we didn’t know about him before.

For one, Pete shared that he knows how to tap dance. The comedian used to take tap dancing lessons as a kid, and he admitted that he was pretty good at it.

CLIP/AUDIO: (0:15-0:23)

Can Pete PLEASE do some tap dancing in Ariana’s next video? Cuz this is something we gotta see.

Pete also shared that his favorite SNL sketch he ever did was The Lobster sketch, not because it was the funniest one he ever did, but because it was the most ridiculous one. And we’ll have to agree with him on that.

CLIP/AUDIO: (2:12-2:22)

Of course the biggest surprise reveal came when Variety asked about Pete’s first ever tattoo. Pete is obviously COVERED in tattoos these days, but he got his first one with a friend when he was just 17 years old. And you won’t BELIEVE who inspired it…

CLIP/AUDIO: (3:59-4:19)

Yup, Big Sean, as in his fiance Ariana Grande’s EX Big Sean.

Even though been years since Ariana and Big Sean dated, you gotta admit it’s a VERY funny and slightly awkward coincidence that Pete’s first tattoo was inspired by the rapper. But hey it could be worse — Pete could’ve gotten a tattoo of Big Sean HIMSELF on his body. Now that would have made for a pretty uncomfortable first date conversation.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — what do you think of Pete’s “Swerve Life” tattoo? And what else do you wanna know about the comedian that he didn’t share with Variety? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

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  1. *I’m serious when I say that Pete Davidson is one cracked out looking dude. He wears those dark eye circles like no other. I don’t know what girls see in him. Cute, just becuz he’s Ariana’s man, maybe? If that what it is then um, no I don’t think so!* ???

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