Ariana Grande Suffers SCARY Allergic Reaction!


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We’ve got an Ariana Grande update people that you do not want to miss! After announcing that she had to postpone some shows, Ariana Grande just explained why she had to reschedule. And I must say, it’s a real bummer.

What’s up guys? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and yesterday our girl Ari said she was beyond devastated that she wasn’t feeling well enough to perform and that doctors ordered her to reschedule not one but TWO shows on her Sweetener World Tour.

But now, she just revealed why she had to reschedule. She shared on social media and said quote, “We discovered…..that…..I had an unfortunate allergic reaction to tomatoes and my throat pretty much closed. Still feels like I’m swallowing a cactus but slowly making progress! Thank u all for your love and understanding.”

And then she said what we were all thinking, because tomatoes are basically in ALL of my favorite foods like pizza, ketchup, chicken parm, bloody mary’s … just to name a few.1


Girl I feel you. That is a serious bummer, but at least she knows!

Because I for one was worried sick about her because yesterday after she posted quote, “i woke up incredibly sick today, ran to my doctor here and have been told to postpone these shows tonight and tomorrow. i’m so beyond devastated. i will make this up to you, i promise. please forgive me. i love you and i will be back and better than ever as soon as possible. love you.”

So thank goodness she figured that out because allergic reactions can be really serious!

And fans are glad she got to the bottom of this medical mystery too.

One person wrote quote, “@ArianaGrande love u so muchhh?❤️ even if you’re tomato-less?❤️?so grateful you’re gonna be okay??❤️love u”

And my personal favorite tweet brought some much needed humor to the situation and said quote, “alfredo sauce is better anyways. join the winning team @ArianaGrande”

If you were planning on attending either of the rescheduled shows, Live Nation tweeted that the new dates for the Tampa and Orlando shows are November 24th and November 25th.

And in case you had any plans to hang with Ari any time soon, make sure you don’t suggest pizza and pasta.

Might be a litttttle too soon.

For now, we just want her to feel better so she can get back up on that stage and saaang girl!

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you! Could you imagine being allergic to tomatoes?! Or did you gain any weird allergies later in life like Ariana?

Let’s get this weird conversation going in the comments section below.

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  1. People can develop allergies to anything at any point in their lives.
    Allergies are also not genetic, you can have a higher chance of developing allergies if your parents have them, but there is no guarantee that you will share the same allergies, you may not get them at all.


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