Ariana Grande REACTS To “Thank U, Next”-Inspired Memes


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Yep, today Ariana Grande’s new bop has officially become a viral sensation! The pre-chorus to the song has garnered a LOT of internet attention, being that it applies to so many different scenarios. The lyrics are “One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain”
And who knew that this deep, profound life lesson could apply to everything from Riverdale to politics?! Like this meme featuring Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump or THIS one featuring the boys of One Direction. I will let that one simmer here for you Directioners out there. We’re still waiting to see if any of the 1D guys respond to that one.
Then we also have Cole Sprouse, Noah Centineo, and Ross Lynch got meme’d together on Netflix’s account and you guys over 700,000 people so far have liked this one.
Then of course there was a Jonas Brother’s throwback version AND for all of the comic book nerds out there (specifically of the Marvel variety) there’s this one featuring the Avengers. I mean, the list of ways that this thing applies is endless, and sometimes very niche, but every single one of them makes me giggle.
Ariana Grande has actually been responding to a ton of these meme’s on twitter, and she even recently liked this Shrek version that really is just everything.
So, what has been your favorite Thank U, Next meme out there!? Let us know in the comments and also subscribe to our channel but make sure you also click right here for another awesome pop culture moment! I’m your girl, Erin Robinson and I will see you next time.

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