Ariana Grande Paying for Manchester Victims’ Funerals – Kim Bombing Tribute Backlash (DHR)


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Ariana reaches out to victim’s families, and Kim gets roasted for Manchester tribute. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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5 Comentarios

  1. Ari is a goddess. There are so many celebrities who would run and protect their own lives. Ari didn’t do that. She even STOPPED her tour just for merely the 100 ppl who were harmed. And now she was kind enough to pay for the funerals! So go ahead, talk shit about her… I would LOVE to see the reason you come up with…

  2. Arena said she would wip her butt on the American flag she is disrespectful that is defiantly rude you got caught arena you were my hero but not now say that your sorry and then you will be my hero prove it arena Granada ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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