Ariana Grande CALLED OUT By Ex-Boyfriend In New Song!


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We all remember that time Ariana Grande released a little bop by the name of ‘Thank You, Next’ where she gives shoutouts to her famous exes… well now Big Sean seems to be taking a page out of her book… literally and now he is mentioning her in a song called Thank You, coincidence? I don’t know sounds fishy to me…

What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we are here to break down Big Sean’s latest Ariana Grande reference.

In case you were living under a rock from 2014 to 2015, Ari and Big Sean dated for about a year and they both moved on since then.

Anyways, Ariana famously starts her hit song Thank U Next with the line, “Thought I’d end up with Sean, But he wasn’t a match.”

Annnd, if you look closely at her music video you’ll notice that a page in her burn book says quote, “Sean, so cute, so sweet, could still get it.”

And now Sean just dropped a brand new song with DJ Khaled where he raps about his humble beginnings and thanks his exes for helping him during his rise to fame.

The line goes quote, “I pray that all your growing pains turn gold champagne, Plus I gotta thank my exes on some ‘thank u, next’ sh*t.”

Ok so is this his official response to Ariana’s Thank U Next?

We’re not totally sure, but I think it’s pretty safe to say Big Sean isn’t exactly trying to be discreet here.

He legit just said thank you, next. We all heard it.

So naturally, since they are both single at the moment, as far as we know anyway, this has got us thinking, is there a chance these two might get back together?

I mean, relationship rumors between these two were sparked again back in February when they were spotted together in Big Sean’s car.

But that sighting was outside a recording studio, so even if they don’t end up dating again, maybe we could get a killer musical collab.

Honestly, I would be down for either or both.

And fans agree. One person tweeted quote, “i need some ariana grande ft. big sean in my life rn”
While another is still just busy shipping these two saying quote, “Her best ex no one can tell me otherwise Sean and ariana was THAT couple.”

But we’re just happy they seem to be on good terms and we can just continue daydreaming about them getting back together.

Alright now I want to hear from you. Do you ship Ariana and Big Sean? And would you be down for these two to make some music together?

Talk it out down there in the comments section below. You can also hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @Sussan_Mourad. After that click right over here to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell to get notified whenever we post. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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