Ariana Grande BREAKS DOWN About Manchester & New Song «Get Well Soon»


Ariana Grande breaks down in an interview while talking about the Manchester tragedy and her new song “Get Well Soon” while getting super real about mental health.

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Ariana Grande gave birth to her latest album Sweetener on Friday, and it’s no surprise the album is getting rave reviews and breaking Spotify records. On her album release day Ariana sat down with Beats 1 to talk about her song “Get Well Soon”. While playing the song, Ari completely broke down in tears but bravely continued on with the interview. She first explained the connection the song has to the Manchester bombing that took place at her concert last year.

But the song isn’t just about the attack at her show in England. “Get Well Soon” is also about the inner terrors we all struggle with.

Ariana made it clear that she’s serious about mental health. She went on to blame societal pressures as the reason people don’t take it seriously. Ariana explained quote, “We have things to do. We have schedules, jobs, kids, and places to be, and pressure to fit in, Instagram Stories — whatever the f*ck you’re trying to put on… People don’t pay attention to what’s happening inside… That’s why I felt it was important.” With “Get Well Soon” Ariana wants to give people a hug musically. And she’s one-hundred percent genuine about that.

Ariana also talked about the news today, and how people need to be kinder to each other. She knows first hand what it feels like to be permanently affected by a tragedy. Ariana admitted the attack at her show changed her life and her perspective forever. Ari revealed quote, “You try not to give in to fear, because obviously that’s the whole point of being here. That was the point of finishing my tour, was to set an example for my fans. Who are fearless enough to show up to my f*cking shows… but the truth is, it’s f*cking scary. It’s scary going anywhere. You look at places differently.”

We admire Ariana for being open about mental health and for talking about how the Manchester bombing has deeply affected her life. What do you guys think about Ariana’s perspective on all this? Tell us your thoughts below. After that, click here to watch another new video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. As always I’m your host Tom Plumley, and I’ll see you guys soon.

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