Ariana Grande and more celebs call for gun control – Hollywood TV


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  1. When people talk about more gun control they never explain exactly how any proposal would solve a problem. Without a detailed point by point analysis detailing how it would work, all we get a feel good words. Either explain to me how a millionaire madman would have been stopped. He passed multiple FBI background checks. He passed an FAA medical exam for a pilot’s license. He spent time and considerable money planning his attack. What «gun control» would have stopped him?

    • Thanks for posting ~ It’ll be an ongoing conversation for sure. We think that new laws limiting gun ownership, in our opinion, laws that require permits or a license to use one like driving a car. Not sure what the solutions are at this point, or who would be willing to seek these kind of solutions. What do you think?

    • Define and work the problem, which is human Violence, not guns.

      Two Examples:

      Approaches that deal directly with the human element of violence do work. They prevent inner city gang violence. They detect workplace and school violence before it turns from planning to action.

      Want to make a difference and bring about change? Get off the «simple fix» fantasy bandwagon. This work is complex. It is difficult. It requires taxpayer support in the worst way.

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