Ariana BREAKS DOWN During Concert While Paying Tribute To Mac Miller!

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Last night Ariana Grande made her «Sweetener» tour stop in Pittsburgh and the show got really emotional when she sang about Mac Miller in his hometown. Grab your tissues guys, because this one is definitely a tear jerker.

Hey guys, It’s Naz Perez here with Clevver News and my heart is breaking for Ariana Grande who choked up on stage in Pittsburgh while singing her song “Thank U Next.”

Okay so we all know the song references her famous exes, and she says “Wish I could say thank you to Malcom, cause he was an angel! And singing about Mac in his hometown was almost too much for our girl Ari.

When you guys see this clip we’re about to show, you’ll see how moved she was to be in her ex-boyfriend’s city as she sang the song.

Ari starts choking up while she starts singing the line, «Wish I could say, ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm, cuz he was an angel» and like I said, get your tissues ready. I got teary-eyed after watching it.

Her fans quickly realized Ari was breaking down and jumped in to sing the lyrics for her.

And people who went to the concert were tweeting about it from start to finish. It seemed like the whole night was a tribute to Mac.

One person said quote, “At the Ariana Grande concert in p-burgh and Mac’s album is playing throughout the stadium before the show”

She’s actually been doing that at most of her shows and we are so here for the subtle nod to him and his music.

According to TMZ Ari also got emotional during another song in her set.

During the opening number, «Raindrops An Angel Cried,» which is believed to be about the end of her romance with Mac, she teared up and was unable to finish the song.

Regardless, she put on an amazing show and fans absolutely loved the tributes, which also included having an empty seat reserved for him.

And fans were flooding Twitter with love for both Ari and Mac.

One person wrote quote, “Seeing @ArianaGrande sing about Mac Miller in his hometown was heartbreaking. For sure the hardest show of her tour. The show started and ended with tears. But it was a magical experience.”

And another said quote, “It’s so evident that he was the love of her life. And I know he’s her guardian angel”

And others commented on the video sending Ari support and love saying quote, “This is soo heartbreaking…we love u Ari stay strong”

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you.

Did you cry watching Ariana break down? Or was it just me? And do you like her tributes to him on tour?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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7 respuestas a «Ariana BREAKS DOWN During Concert While Paying Tribute To Mac Miller!»

  1. Avatar de Rhina Cabrera
    Rhina Cabrera

    OHH MY BABY ???

  2. Avatar de Elizabeth Boehm
    Elizabeth Boehm

    Using a famous dead ex for pity and more fame…. lol ok ari. I see you

    1. Avatar de Elizabeth Boehm
      Elizabeth Boehm

      Bc its true. She left him n they were over. Now he killed himself n she wants to use him for pity? Ok lol

    2. Avatar de nakeisha

      Elizabeth Boehm will you ever get tired of saying this? please be quiet

  3. Avatar de Elisha Rae
    Elisha Rae

    That was genuine emotion and pain ? I still can’t get over Mac..I’ve never taken a celebrity death so hard before ?

  4. and people say didn’t actually love him ?

  5. Avatar de X0 Love
    X0 Love

    Didn’t think I would cry but shitttt I’m tearing up

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