Adele’s ALMOST Sang With Beyonce & Rihanna For Her George Michael Grammys Tribute


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We were shocked when Adele asked to restart her George Michael tribute song at the Grammys on Sunday. Our shock has continued two days later as new details have emerged surrounding the performance.

Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich revealed in a new interview that the George Michael tribute was supposed to feature some more big stars. At one point the tribute was set to include Adele’s idol Beyonce along with Rihanna and James Corden! But it sounds like it was Adele that pulled the plug on the collaboration. Ken explained QUOTE, “She had a vision for what she wanted to do with it.”

Adele’s passion for honoring George seems to be what prompted her to ask to restart her version of “Fastlove”. Backstage after the show Adele admitted the audio issues left her completely rattled saying, “I was devastated by that. I had a bit of a shaky rehearsal today, but I was working really hard on this tribute for a month.” Despite stopping mid-song during the live show, the singer received a standing ovation for the performance.

Adele also revealed backstage that her admiration for George Michael stemmed from an early age. She recalls listening to “Fastlove” when she was about 10 years old and said quote, “I found him to be one of the truest icons”. Adele was so shaken by George’s passing that she was determined to be part of his tribute.

What do you guys make of Adele turning down a chance to sing with Beyonce?! Do you think if other singers had been included Adele wouldn’t have restarted the song? Tell us in the comments below! I’m your host Tom Plumley, thanks for watching.

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  1. White people push Adele to tell others she is better than Beyoncé no she don’t Beyoncé would kill her vocally singin wise Adele is not competion

  2. racist show i hope Beyoncé and Rihanna never show up again let’s they use Beyoncé Rihanna for Rating but never give award let’s see it Taylor and Adele bring Rating

  3. when you have a vision on what needs to be done you follow your vision….im sorry but adele did the right thing especially how she did his tribute it was flawless…..but one day all 3 queens need to collab

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