9 MORE Celebs Who’ve DISSED Taylor Swift

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Oh my gosh she was soooo cute. Hard to believe that little girl grew up to become one of the most dissed celebs in music history. From a former president to the SNL cast, we are counting down all the public lashings Tay has received- some innocent, some cruel, all some form of shade. However, two shade throwers we are NOT including on this list cuz I wrote this script and I’m tired of covering these two- Katy Perry and Kanye West. Don’t worry folks. We’ve got enough fresh blood in our new pool of Taylor Swift disses right here on LISTED.

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5 respuestas a «9 MORE Celebs Who’ve DISSED Taylor Swift»

  1. Avatar de Christina Costello
    Christina Costello

    I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift ☺

  2. Avatar de Mario Selimi
    Mario Selimi

    Tittle shoud be called 9 peopole who are jelaous of Taylor

  3. Avatar de Hailey Hay
    Hailey Hay

    Idk why everyone is still upset with taylor she clearly stated that the line in the song she didn’t know about and the one she was upset about was “I made that bitch famous” and in the sc video kim posted it just shows her being informed of the line “I still feel like me and taylor might still have sex” idk like did I some how miss that part in the video? Or did everyone just hop on the taylors a snake bandwagon for no reason? ?

  4. Avatar de Jeremy Ndumbi
    Jeremy Ndumbi

    I think celebs are right about Taylor Swift

  5. Avatar de Angela DUARTE
    Angela DUARTE

    A taylor é ruim desde criança

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