8 Celebrities That Are Currently In Jail


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These stars made big splashes in the entertainment industry, but bad decisions changed the course of their careers and landed them behind bars. Here are a few celebrities currently serving time…

Abby Lee Miller | 0:12
Jeremy Jackson | 1:05
Jared Fogle | 1:32
Michael Jace | 2:13
Suge Knight | 2:53
Ricardo Medina | 3:31
Shelley Malil | 4:02
Bobby Shmurda | 4:39

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  1. Celebrities..these folks??? Never have heard of any of them…and from what you have shown..I haven’t missed a thing..either….they can all stay in jail…

  2. dam jace ..killed your wife in front kids …ruined lives…..suge..u practicaly beg to go to prison..maliel trip out..all over women..


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