7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Weeknd

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Get ready cause we’re breaking down 7 things you didn’t know about The Weeknd right here on LISTED!

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5 respuestas a «7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Weeknd»

  1. Avatar de Kayla Saenz
    Kayla Saenz

    pssh I knew all that.. give me a challenge he is king

  2. Avatar de Reneiloé

    all Abel fans already knew

  3. Avatar de crystal dahmer
    crystal dahmer

    XO fans knew all of these facts ! try again

  4. Avatar de abby getachew
    abby getachew

    Ay ay he’s Ethiopian ?????? never knew that glad there some Ethiopian
    American in the music industry

  5. Avatar de Laura Valentina Galan Muñoz
    Laura Valentina Galan Muñoz

    8: the canadian singer is jelous about justin bieber because he’s more
    famous than the weeknd and, oh… has a little bit more of fans.

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