7 Stranger Things Casting Secrets

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The StrangerThings’ casting process can be cloaked in mystery, but we’re here today to reveal to you 7 Stranger Things casting secrets – straight from the Upside Down. So let’s do this, right here, right now on LISTED.

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5 respuestas a «7 Stranger Things Casting Secrets»

  1. Avatar de Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd

    Does anyone have the email of the casting director?

  2. Avatar de Jordan Herkowski
    Jordan Herkowski

    It should have been an anthology series, keep the same cast just playing different characters each season.

  3. Avatar de FinnSkata

    They can’t even get Finn’s age right. I feel ashamed.

  4. Avatar de Glendora Boway
    Glendora Boway

    Caleb where is he???

  5. Avatar de Kelsie Ann Vlogs
    Kelsie Ann Vlogs

    That last one about Joe has be shock

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