7 Celebrity INSPIRED Workouts For Your Summer Body!


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It’s summer and you know what that means, everyone is trying to get in shape. And if you’re like me and look to celebs for inspo in literally every other aspect of your life, why not look to them for some workout inspiration too?

And while celebrities have on their side when it comes to getting in shape, like money to afford a top tier trainer, a flexible schedule, and home gyms to name a few, we can pull from what they are doing and incorporate it into our fitness routines.

So we are rounding up some of the best celebrity inspired workouts right here on Listed.

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  1. Me: *sees Demi*
    Also me: *freaks out and clicks*
    Friend: what happened?
    Me: DEMI
    Friend: *not surprised that I’m excited*

  2. you guys have obviously never seen Halle berry’s workout routines. She shows workouts or answers questions about healthy food every Friday!!


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