5 WORST Movies of 2017


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2017 has had its fair share of amazing movies, like Get Out, Wonder Woman, Star Wars: the Last Jedi or Call Me By Your Name. This LISTED is not about those movies. Right here, right now we are going to cover the WORST movies of 2017, so stifle your gag reflex, ‘cause here we go.

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5 Comentarios

  1. I DISAGREE WITH NUMBER 5!! That is the BEST movie of 2017!! I love it!! Gene is a fantastic character. He’s the one who got Alex together with Addie!! Plus, he saved Textopolis. No other emoji could have done that. So yeah, I disagree with your pick. I’ve watched this movie twice and I freaking love it!! ? the emoji movie maybe an odd movie, but it’s a god damm good one. ????

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