5 Times Adele Proved She’s Beyonce’s Biggest Fan


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We’ve got 5 times Adele proved she’s Beyonce’s biggest fan- right here on LISTED!

1- Rolling Stone article in 2011 talking their meeting/ 2011 interview
2- 2015 Beats 1 interview, cleared up rumor she turned Bey down
3- Lemonade came out, Adele worships Bey on Instagram
4- Calls Beyonce Jesus Christ on 25 tour
5-Adele breaks Grammy in half to share w/ Bey, praises her in speech

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6 Comentarios

  1. adele mmm she is a fan of beyonce and beyonce said the get inspired by shakira , and she is a fan of shakira ….. so who is the queen mmm .
    answer : SHAKIRA

    • Hamza Nouiga I love Shakira, but I wouldn’t say she’s a queen because of those two. Beyoncé has ripped her off though and Shakira is more underrated than her. It’s sad how some Shakifans have to degrade other artists in order to lift her up. Having to go to other artist’s videos to promote her, buying views, and auto clicking her songs, because you don’t take the time to buy her records

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