5 Things NOT To Buy On Black Friday


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Guys it turns out that YES while there are some amazing deals to be grabbed on Black Friday, there are also a handful of items Yahoo Finance is saying you should absolutely stay away from and these are their top 5. First up – smart phones. I’m talking to you guys that want that new iphone. Don’t buy it on Black Friday. The demand is so high at the holidays that the prices are never great. At number 2, we’re focusing on laptops. Yahoo notes that the best time for steals on laptops is actually back to school season and spring because that’s when prices on older models are slashed. At number three – you should steer clear of winter clothes. This seems like a no brainer to me, but you should wait a few months – January or February to be exact – until the sales start popping up in the lead in to spring. At number 4 – fitness equipment. With all those health based new year’s resolutions I get why this is the case. Probably not any real deals to be had. And lastly, stay away from big jewelry purchases. Unless you’re buying something for me obviously. Just kidding, sort of. Yahoo notes that the best deals for jewelry are after the holidays before Valentine’s day.
Wow so that’s a lot of info. Now at least I know what I’m not buying. What about you guys – do you have any more insight as far as what we shouldn’t buy this year on Black Friday or during the holidays at all? Hit the comments to join the convo and be sure to subscribe for more updates! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis thanks for hanging and I’ll see you later!

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    • Nameless because it cheaper. Stores are focusing on spring clothes that people are going to be wanting to buy so they lower the prices on winter clothes so they’ll be gone

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