5 TEAR-JERKING Moments in Camila Cabello ‘Consequences’ Video ft. Dylan Sprouse


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Camila Cabello’s Consequences video is here and it’s everything we hoped for and so much more

Put this video on repeat, am I right?

Camila Cabello + a beautiful, emotional love song + romantic scenery + a ghost Dylan Sprouse ? No wonder Camila Cabello’s new music video for Consequences is already one of our faves. Camila just dropped the track which is now officially the last single from her album and the visuals to accompany the sweet ballad is nothing less than perfect so here are our top 5 favorite moments from the Consequences music video.
So we’re introduced to Camila in the present day as she looks back on a past love, but first we gotta just talk about how amazing Camila looks walking through the park. Between the song lyrics that pull on our heart strings from the very first word to her outfit to the set design on the vid, to really the entire aesthetic they were going for here, it’s honestly everything.
CLIP TOSS: (:15-:21)

And then a sweet moment between Camila and a former love, portrayed by Dylan Sprouse, who is just as beautiful in ghost form, + a piano perfectly paints the picture of how special this past relationship really was:
CLIP TOSS: (:28-:33)
When she kisses his arm, I can’t. But you really feel just how close these two lovers were and as we get to know them and their story, their chemistry only grows. They play and joke around until they embrace and share a perfect kiss, while present day Camila sadly looks on.

CLIP TOSS: (:41-:46)
But as epic as that moment is, the romance doesn’t last as their relationship unfolds and we see how many issues they face as a couple. As Camila remembers their darker times, she meets ghost Dylan face to face and the two embrace one last time before they literally start flying.
CLIP TOSS: (1:56-2:03)
It’s actually so emotional because at this point, it’s just her and her memory of this guy that meant so much to her and who clearly felt the same way about her, but they just couldn’t work it out and it’s so. Sad.

And finally, the two floating lovers land back on the ground and her memory fades away, representing the true end of her relationship… the part where you move on. But as she comes to terms, she’s not totally alone.
CLIP TOSS: (2:48-2:53)
It’s her past self reminding her that your experiences all come together to make you who you are today, even the experiences that end in heartbreak.

So emotional, seriously. But how sweet, right? What were your favorite moments of the Consequences music video? Drop them down below and then click right here for the best and worst dressed celebs at the ama’s and be sure to subscribe. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m sinead de vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. I mean we all know the song is about Austin, but I’m glad Camila is getting over him and is killing the game , focusing on herself. Love you Camila.


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