5 Biggest Reveals/Moments From Camila Cabello’s ‘Made In Miami’ Mini-Documentary


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Throughout the 17 minute long documentary directed by Tabitha Denholm and Produced by YouTube, Camila and her family and friends open up about her experiences moving to Miami and growing up wanting to be a singer.

Her parents spoke a lot about how shy Camila was, and how she would get embarrassed when they sang and danced all the time.

To help her break out of her shell in regards to performing, she started making YouTube videos.

She said QUOTE, “Something clicked for me where I was like, ‘oh this is a way of getting into the singing thing cause you don’t have to have money to post a YouTube video.’”

Her channel was under her original first name, Karla Cabello. She said that she posted at least 20 videos that are now mostly deleted, except for one.

She continued saying QUOTE, “Posting those covers on YouTube definitely gave me just a little bit more confidence.”

Camila and her family also talked about her experience auditioning for X Factor in North Carolina. Her mother planned a whole vacation there so that if Camila was rejected, she would still feel like they had a great trip.

But as you’re well aware, that didn’t happen. After making it through several rounds, she was finally given the opportunity to sing in front of the live audience and judges, and her parents were particularly blown away by her courage.

And then Simon made an appearance talking about his decision to put Camila in a group after she thought she got rejected altogether. He said QUOTE, “The One Direction audition and the same with Fifth Harmony, it happened in about 5 minutes.”

Well that 5 minutes changed her life. And with this life change came a name change. Even though everyone at school still called her Karla, she decided to go by her middle name, Camila for her X Factor adventure.

She said QUOTE, “In interviews and everything I just got the chance to start over. I was goofy and I was extroverted.”

But when her time with Fifth Harmony began weighing on her, she knew she had to branch out on her own. She described it as QUOTE, “it felt like I had new things to talk about.” and continued saying, “I think I got to that point where you’re just kinda like, ‘something has to change.’”

When she ventured on her own and began working with writers and producers on her new album, something clicked for her.

And we got even more insight as to why she changed the album title from The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving to simply Camila.

Y’all should definitely check the documentary out because there’s so many more great moments that I couldn’t get to in this video.

But now I gotta hear from you, what did you think of this Camila documentary? Would you want a full length version? Let us know in the comments below and then click right over here to see how Camila responded to her controversial messages leak. I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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