1D Reunion CONFIRMED By Liam Payne – Cardi B DEFENDS Pregnant Twerking On Ellen (DHR)


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A 1D reunion is in the near future? And Cardi B talks twerking at Coachella. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. Going to get a lot of hate for this comment but here we go anyway: only reason I can see 1D getting back is because none of them (save for Harry maybe) have had real success as solo artists. It’s like 5H, why end the hiatus if you’re successful? You only go back if you’re faltering on your own and I think most of the 1D boys have faltered. Liam has, Louis has, Niall has, Zayn had like one huge hit, same with Harry.

    Just my opinion.

    Now come at me Directioners.

  2. Liam did say “DISTANT” future.  Harry, for one, has an $80 Mil THREE Album contract to fulfill with Columbia Records.    And  although Liam  needs the reunion most (need Tour to make real money; need album to Tour) he actually has the least influence on the other guys.

    • Jc Hall Bruh it was always Liam that Said it from The beginning that they are returning and that the reunion is actually Happen. I don‘t believe it until a New Song comes Out!


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