19 Shocking Celebrity Weight Transformations


Here are 19 SHOCKING celebrity weight transformation. These actors go to extreme lengths for their roles in movies.

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12. Charlize Theron
Another actor who made herself unrecognizable through her weight transformation is Charlize Theron for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 movie Monster. Theron gained 30 pounds and gorged herself on donuts and potato chips to acquire her heavier physique. She would go on to win not one, but seventeen awards for this one role.

11. Hilary Swank
Swank had went well above and beyond for her role in Boys Don’t Cry. Before filming began, she lived like a man for an entire month and lost a good amount of weight to get her body fat level to 7 percent. As a result, her facial features became more accentuated and she would go on to win the Best Actress award at the Oscars.

10. Natalie Portman
Portman managed to lose 20 pounds in order to play the role of Nina Sayers/The Swan Queen in the 2010 movie Black Swan. She endured through a vigorous training schedule of ballet for 5 hours a day for 7 days a week in order to prepare her. All of that work finally payed off when the following year she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2011.

9. Anne Hathaway
Hathaway stated in an interview with EW.com that she lost 10 pounds right before filming for Les Miserables began and then during filming she ended up having to lose another 14 pounds in 14 days. She lost 15 pounds by starving herself and ultimately took home an Oscar for her portrayal as Fantine so her drastic work payed off.

8. Chris Hemsworth
Everybody knows Chris Hemsworth as Thor so it was quite a shock to see this image of the Aussie actor. Instead of donning his signature muscles, Hemsworth had to lose 30 pounds to play his character in the movie In the Heart of the Sea where he gets stranded out at sea for 90 days. He’d only a boiled egg, crackers, and some celery.

7. Matt Damon
For the 1996 film Courage Under Fire starring Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan, Damon had to lose 40 pounds in as little as 3 months in order to play the character of Andrew Ilario. You’ll notice that in the following image there is a much older and muscular Damon who bulked up for his role in the 2013 movie Elysium.

6. 50 Cent
The rapper was almost unrecognizable after he lost 54 pounds in order to play his character in the movie Things Fall Apart where he plays an American football player who is dying of cancer. Fun fact: 50 Cent not only starred in the movie but he actually wrote it as well. He says he was inspired by a real life friend who passed away from cancer.

5. Jason Statham
Did you know that before he was an actor Jason Statham was actually a championship diver and then a model? Yeah, he used to have the typical swimmer’s body; very skinny. It wasn’t until he was casted in The Transporter that Statham had to bulk up. He ended up doing so without a personal trainer and really transformed his body.

4. Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey has always been known for his aesthetically pleasing physique but he completely had to let it go in order to play Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. The actor lost almost 50 pounds to play Woodroof as his character is HIV positive. As a result, his eyesight began to fail and he became extremely weak.

3. Adam Driver
You might recognize driver from the HBO show Girls or from the newer Star Wars movie The Force Awakens where he portrayed Kylo Ren. His body, however, looks drastically different in the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s new movie Silence. Driver lost more than 30 pounds to look like the starved priest he plays who gets captured.

2. Jared Leto
For his role, Jared Leto lost around 30 to 40 pounds altogether and did so quickly by simply “not eating” in order to play the character of Rayon, a transgender woman who is living with HIV. Not only did he lose the weight, he also shaved off his eyebrows and waxed his body but he also never broke out of character while on set.

1. Christian Bale
Christian Bale is known for taking his roles very seriously and doing whatever he can to really get into the mindset of his haracters. One of these roles was the character he played in The Machinist who suffers from severe insomnia that causes him to become emaciated. He lost 62 pounds by only eating an apple or a can of tuna with a cup of coffee for four months.

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