17 Celebs Battling SERIOUS Illnesses


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It is universally understood that health is wealth. However, unfortunately for some of our favorite celebrities, health is only a worrisome topic that seems to raise concerns amongst fans and followers. So today we are discussing 17 Celebrities who are bravely battling serious illnesses.

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  1. I have a version of synesthesia called chromesthesia, and I am a musician. Also, it’s pronounced Syn-es-the-sia. not syn-the-sia. Synesthesia is not a ‘serious illness’ it is a neurological disorder. it doesn’t affect your life in a detrimental way. All that happens to me is I see sounds as colours. Literally, any and every sound has a colour, even this keyboard.

  2. Psoriasis isn’t a “serious illness”. I have it, and yes it sucks, is annoying and honestly can be painful, but it is nothing compared to other things people have to go through. So many of these things aren’t serious, but they are hugely emphasised due to the status of the person that “illnesses” affects.

  3. “17 celebrities battling SERIOUS illnesses”………….”Millie Bobby Brown is deaf in one ear” 🤦‍♀️


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