13 Reasons Why Stars Katherine & Dylan Discuss Their Chemistry, Success & More


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Check out Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford’s “13 Reasons Why” cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly–plus get details on their breakout success, how Dylan and Katherine got cast, and more.
The huge success of 13 Reasons Why dramatically changed the lives of the leaactors cast on the show, and now they’re opening up about that and more.

Katherine and Dylan could not look more comfortable with each other in their stunning photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly. The actors spoke to the mag about how they first met on set, and confessed that they weren’t able to do a chemistry test together before they booked their roles. But even as they’re telling the simple and uneventful story of how they first met, it’s obvious that the chemistry was there from day one…
And clearly that fun and easy chemistry has only gotten stronger between the pair. When discussing how they got through those darker days on set, Katherine gushed about working with Dylan and how Hannah’s relationship with Clay brought a lightness to the material helped them get through the heavier moments.
Can they please be a couple in real life? I’m sorry but they’re just too adorable together to not be…
Of course, at this point we can’t imagine Clay or Hannah being played by anyone else, and that’s exactly how producers felt after seen Katherine and Dylan’s auditions. Dylan was already an established actor when he auditioned for 13 Reasons, having worked on shows like Lost, Scandal, and Prison Break, as well as 2015 Goosebumps. And when it came to the decision of casting Dylan as Clay, showrunner Brian Yorkey explained QUOTE, “The trick with Clay is that he has to be a genuine human being, but he’s also a kid who’s not—especially when the series begins—really in touch with his feelings. We needed to find someone who could be very still and real while also communicating the depth of feeling that was really going on underneath. Dylan had that ability.”

Meanwhile Katherine had a very different path to her role as Hannah. After being rejected from drama school in Australia, she took on three jobs—bartending, ushering, and dressing as the Easter Bunny—so that she could audition for roles while her parents were under the impression that she was in college. After a year of hard work Katherine landed an agent, and her Skype audition for Hannah came soon after. Showrunner Brian Yorkey said of her casting QUOTE, “Hannah was the hardest [to cast]. We imagined Hannah as a girl with a tremendous life force that, bit by bit, got snuffed out. To go on that journey with her and see that life force snuffed out, we had to see it in the first place, and we found it in the last place we looked.” Obviously that place was Perth, Australia, and that life force was Katherine Langford.

Okay guys now it’s time for you to let me know what you think of the 13 reasons why cast cover shoot and interview–what part surprised you the most? And are you shipping Katherine and Dylan as hard as I am? Sound off in the comments section below, and after that click here to watch the teaser of our new docu-series, It Got Real:Erin’s Surgery. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed and be sure to subscribe. I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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