13 Reasons Why Season 2 – ALL The Controversial Topics!


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Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why is back for season 2, so we obviously did absolutely nothing this weekend so we could binge all 13 episodes in a totally healthy and not weird amount of time at all. Anyway, let’s just say there is a LOT that goes on. When we say there were a ton of controversial topics that played out this season…it’s truly an understatement but we’re going to try and unpack as many as we can here on our show True Showmance.

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8 Comentarios

  1. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but the critics are getting repetitive manly because I don’t understand what people want anymore. On one hand when all of these things happen, because THEY DO, we scream for justice; and on the other hand here is a show that portrays it, raw and real, and everybody and there mamma are slamming it for being too much. Well, THAT IS THE POINT! you’re suppose to feel uncomfortable because none of these topics are comfortable, at all. What amazes me is that this is not the first show that does this: you have GoT having siblings going at it, rape scenes, etc., but you can’t relate to that because the whole scenario that the show is set on kinda stops you from fully do it so. 13RW is relatable to absolutely everyone because we have gone trough HS, are currently, or have kids going trough it so we scream bloody murder when rape scenes or sex scenes are explicit and in our faces. Hypocrisy at its best. One of the best thing this season did that I have not seen anyone mention at all is how we see the perspective of those who were on the tapes, and how in the new flashbacks like Ryan’s, Clay’s and specially Zach’s you could see other side of Hannah, a side that she so happened to forget to mention on their respective tapes because she knew it would make her look bad in this unfortunate era of thinking (of course she didn’t know that her parent were gonna sue, but still) and even justify, which is exactly what the defense lawyer did, what happened to her. Even Clay confronts her by telling her how selfish she was by leaving behind the tapes, changing their lives forever, putting guilt on everyone by telling only what suit her, and that he doesn’t know if he can forgive her for that. Why is nobody talking about that? I do, however, agree with the Tyler school shooting storyline, but not because its a sensitive time in the US. Again, just because you don’t show it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but I do agree that it seemed that the writers threw that in there last minute because they remembered that Tyler had that arsenal and they had to use it. I kept asking myself «When is Tyler going to snap?» every single episode, but hey waited literally to the last minute. His bathroom scene, call it as it is, rape. His rape scene as brutal as it was, again, it was, it is, and i hope one day wouldn’t, will be necessary, because again IT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. If woman rape its already stigmatized enough, I can’t imagine a man being rape. As a society we never talk about this issue but this show puts it out there to make awareness, show it, and say «hey it happens to them too, to man, we need to talk about that». And Bryce not getting convicted? it happens every single day! You need to deliver evidence in order to send someone to jail, and even with evidence, sometimes its not enough. Unfortunately, the shame and even denial that follows a rape stops both woman and man to go straight to a hospital to get a rape kit and then to the police. If only by going to the police to press rape charges against someone by only telling your story was enough, pfff there wouldn’t be enough jails in this world to accommodate those monsters. Bryce got 3 month probation because Justin testify, if it wasn’t for him being a witness Bryce would’ve most likely walked free. It would’ve been a he said/she said situation. Stop nit picking the show and look at the bigger picture. This show is necessary, its real because these things happen and they’re not pretty because they’re not suppose to be. There needs to be discussion about these issues, not keep covering them because they’re too graphic. And please, what more warning do people want?? A month before the release there were videos everywhere on YouTube warning people about potential triggers and to please stay away from watching it if you’re sensitive. What else do you want?

  2. If 13 reasons comes out with a season 3 im sure these offfended people will still watch i feel like yall are looking for stuff at this point

  3. I loved season two more than season one because I felt more connected to each character and we saw their perspectives too. And by the way I ship Alex and Zach so much! And I need a season 3. (I know a lot of people won´t agree with me but it´s my opinion 🙂

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