13 Reasons Why Cast Reveals HARDEST Scene to Film & It’s Not What You’d Expect

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13 Reasons Why Season 2 has officially been out for a week now and the buzz is still going strong. The second set of 13 episodes are intense, heartbreaking and sometimes incredibly graphic, causing the show to face criticism for going too far like it did after season 1.

But when the cast was asked about which scene in particular was hardest to film, no one mentioned any of those disturbing moments that may pop into your head. Instead, it was one fairly innocent scene in particular that caused the issues, especially for Clay Jensen himself, Dylan Minnette

Christian Navarro, the actor who plays Tony, brought up the moment during the finale where everyone comes together to comfort a sobbing Clay on the dance floor. While Dylan agrees that it was tough to film that, he couldn’t help but point out the actual dance scenes as being the most uncomfortable.

He said QUOTE “In a big dance like that, there’s not music playing during the scene and you have to be yelling as though you’re yelling over music. And all the people in the background are being silent so you’re just yelling over everyone. And I know they’ve signed NDAs and stuff but you’re like screaming spoilers and then you feel weird. It was a whole thing for me.”

Christian then started to recall just how awkward that scene was to film and added in his own two cents.

Yeah, I’d refuse to watch myself dance to no music, too.

With gut-wrenching scenes that deal with sexual assault, suicide, violence and more, you definitely wouldn’t think a fun dance would be the toughest thing for the cast to film. But hey — being an actor is harder than it looks!

Have you watched 13 Reasons Why season 2 yet? What what the toughest scene for you to watch? Tell us your thoughts below and click here to find out how other fans are reacting to the new season. I’m your host Renee Ariel thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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5 respuestas a «13 Reasons Why Cast Reveals HARDEST Scene to Film & It’s Not What You’d Expect»

  1. Avatar de Gryffindor Life
    Gryffindor Life

    Hardest scene for me was when clay and Justin were outside bryce’s house. I though clay was going to shoot himself and immediately got hysterical.

  2. Avatar de Marylin The Unicorn
    Marylin The Unicorn

    The hardest scene for me was the one in the last episode with Montgomery, Tyler and the freaking mop stick thingy.. ?

  3. Avatar de Aricka Woodson
    Aricka Woodson

    Okay thats awkward I cant dance with out music and shouting shit so loud

  4. Avatar de Avory Iracheta
    Avory Iracheta

    The toughest thing i watched has to be when they sexually assaulted Tyler with the mop stick

  5. Avatar de NikkieH14

    Hardest scene to watch…most defenetly the scene with Tyler and Montgomery in the bathroom…omg why was that in there at all…i still have like weird moments in the day where i feel pain!

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