13 Reasons Why Cancelled? Kylie Jenner Abandons Daughter Stormi? (RUMOR PATROL)


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13 Reasons Why Being Cancelled? Plus Kylie Jenner Abandoning daughter Stormi? And is there drama between Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin AKA did he actually DUMP her? We’re ready to break these rumors down on your favorite show Rumor Patrol!

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  1. If people actually ever believed Shawn and Hailey dated, y’all have a lot of learning to do. It’s called promo, getting the attention because guess what? Right after Met Gala, Shawn announces tour dates! ?? Seriously people are very naive??

  2. “she wants to be out on the town, hanging with her friends and being 20. She misses the party scene, the nightlife, hanging out with her girls until 4 am and not having to do anything the next day.” What type of ignorant stupid person said that?? BEING A MOM IS A FULL TIME JOB YOU MORON… you’re living for someone else the moment you become a mom, your priorities and life change completely, you are an example for that poor little human that you brought to life you don’t get to just do your thing anymore that’s the reality of it! That’s why women become mothers at around 30 because they’ve done this life, they lived those things and now have found a different purpose, you can’t have everything when you’re 20 with a kid no matter how much money you have. Such an immature thing to say it gets me so upset like motherhood is a walk in the park.. pfff forget that life bitch

  3. do you really believe that if she actually wanted to give up her child she would just go out there and say it? Like it’s a simple normal thing? The girl hasn’t even admitted to her own plastic surgeries… Don’t you think that she’s even a bit smarter than that?


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