11 Celebs Who Quit Social Media in 2017

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Social media is truly addictive, and although we definitely take breaks from our screen from time to time, we can’t imagine completely deleting all our social accounts, which is exactly what some of the biggest celebs did this past year. Today we’re rounding up all the celebs that kissed social media bye-bye in 2017, right here on listed.

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5 respuestas a «11 Celebs Who Quit Social Media in 2017»

  1. Avatar de Allee Taylor
    Allee Taylor

    Millie Bobby Brown took a break for a while because there was so much hate negativity the she deactivated her Snapchat, stopped posting on insta, and also turned off her comments on Insta. But she is now active and turned her comments back on. Her Snapchat is still inactive but she now doesn’t care about the hate and is focusing on her true fans and her friends and family

  2. Avatar de Jrglaa

    Ed’s picture in thumbnail making me uncomfortable, what is happening with his eyes???

  3. Avatar de Megan Parker
    Megan Parker

    Disappointed marina diamondis(marina and the diamonds) isn’t on here….

  4. Avatar de Solution Bodhie
    Solution Bodhie

    Lindsey I love you

  5. Avatar de Music Vevo
    Music Vevo


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