10 SHADIEST Celeb Moments of 2017

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5 respuestas a «10 SHADIEST Celeb Moments of 2017»

  1. Avatar de Kil Akechi
    Kil Akechi

    Demi and Halsey was a misunderstanding and it really wasn’t THAT shady like come on.

  2. Avatar de Old School - ish
    Old School – ish


  3. Avatar de Kil Akechi
    Kil Akechi

    In all honesty I’m not saying Fifth Harmony threw shade at Camilia but here’s the thing: They knew no matter what having a girl jump off the stage like that they knew people were gonna have a problem with that. It doesn’t matter that she jump it’s more of the fact they were well aware of the consequences and still did it. I have nothing against them but you gotta use the logic of how people think.

  4. I don’t think Halsey was throwing shade cuz I didn’t know who she was until I heard that song so that song kinda helped her out to some of us know who she is, and now I love every single song of her

  5. Avatar de beronica endgame
    beronica endgame

    i love how they put camila in the thumbnail instead of fifth harmony because no one cares about them lmao

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