10 Reasons We No Longer Have Edges After Watching Beyonce’s Homecoming


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Ya’ll the Red Sea has been parted, hair has been dipped and flipped, and edges have been lost. Why? Because Beyonce hit us with a 2hour and 17 minute documentary on April the 17th titled Homecoming that documented her iconic Coachella performance and I will never be the same. Whats up y’all, Drew Dorsey here to give you a full blown tangent, stream of consciousness and Ted Talk on 10 Reasons why we no longer have edges after watching Beyonce’s Homecoming right here on Listed.

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    • +Ubin Dovah I keep hearing about the formation tour & her 7th album that’s like the third time I’ve heard about these two projects

    • idt, anyone here in the comments would be privy to that information; although if I had to speculate and form my own– I’d say it’s the Formation World Tour and her new albumvideo anthology (B7- Mother Earth)


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